I'm Robin, a 23-year-old (web) developer from the Netherlands. Always thinking about new ideas and techniques to create awesome things. Hackathon enthusiast and furthermore interested in (new) media and startups.


Webspecialty Founder and owner

Mainly creating WordPress websites for clients in and around Almkerk. Also using this name for my own projects, but basically it's just a random company to send invoices.

March 2011 ~ Current

Crossmedia Vision BV Developer

Working on Ticket Cloud 3.0 and In2Event, enterprise resource planning systems for theaters, cinemas and event managements. Built on Twitter Bootstrap and CodeIgniter.


Kersvers Intern

During my internship in the third year of school, I've been focussing on Ukky. An app that helps parents create a beautiful printed memory book of their children’s childhood in minutes. Directly from their iPhone.

September 2013 ~ January 2014

Bundle Developer

I sticked to Ukky after my internship. During our accelerator programs at UtrechtInc and Startupbootcamp, we did a total revamp of the website, API, iOS and Android app. After the program, Ukky pivoted to Bundle to address an even bigger audience.

January 2014 ~ Current


Computer Science Avans Hogeschool Breda

E-commerce, Java, UML, PHP, Database Management (MySQL / Oracle), RUP, DSDM, Scrum, V-Model, Organization Science, Business Process Management, Business Economics, Unit Testing, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Agile, .NET, Human Computer Interaction, Android.

September 2011 ~ Current

In progress
Communication and Multimedia Design Avans Hogeschool Breda

Information Architecture, Media Theory, Web Research, Photoshop, Drawing. Stopped due to lack of specialization.

September 2010 ~ January 2011

Awesome things


Together with 8 young entrepreneurs from TEDxYouth Amsterdam, we had a brainstorm session in the skybox of Ajax. The goal was to think about the future of banking and create a marketing campaign aimed at students. The session was hosted by YoungWorks and the 'winning' idea would be used by JWT, an agency that works on behalf of ING. But also for BMW, UPC, Nestle and more.

Space Apps Challenge

An international hackathon hosted by the NASA. With a team of 6 young entrepreneurs we've created a location tracker app for the International Space Station. Beside that, we've created Space Game: a funny educational game for children to get introduced with the space. As a rocket you have to avoid the comets. The longer you survive, the more points you get. Both not in the App Store yet.


Hyves held a hackathon to bring new ideas alive for the Dutch social network site. Together with 16 young people between 14 and 20 years old, who have worked day and night, we've been working out new ideas for their site and mobile apps. After 24 hours, I did win the hackathon with 'The Best of Hyves', a special page with the most liked photos of Hyves.

De Belastingdienst

The Dutch Tax Office is internally working on an Innovation Program. I was invited to join their 24 hours challenge for two times. During that time, Niels Mulder and me created a webapp to fill in your income tax. Currently, every citizen in The Netherlands has to download a desktop application. The webapp is cross-platform and reduce the development costs of a Windows, Mac and Linux application.

TNW Conference 2013

As part of the conference is the Kings of Code Hack Battle. Marijn van der Werf, Mike Pagé and me have been working on a karaoke game called Araoke. It runs inside your browser and uses WebRTC to capture the sound, the Deezer JS SDK for the music and the Musixmatch API for the lyrics. We won the 3rd prize. Check out the presentation.

The Pitch

Nina Hoek van Dijke invited me to join a brainstorm session for a new television program of BNN, a Dutch broadcaster. The participants had to come up with ideas for the main question: how can we solve the economic crisis? Our idea was called the Versbus, a way to stimulate the local economy. We ended up with the last 6 teams, but only 3 teams were going to be seen on television.

TNW Conference 2012

As part of the conference is the Kings of Code Hack Battle. Together with Robert van Hoesel, Jeroen Riemens and Melvin van den Bout we've created Covify, an album scanner for Spotify. We were chosen as number 1 by the jury. We had a crazy amount of attention by international press when we launched. Be sure to check out our presentation and an interview with us.